Sunday, 13 January 2013

Guinness Pie - JoyFood

So we recently introduced a cooking timetable for the JoyHouse (the nickname for the abode I share in North London with Ben, Jiwoon and Johnny) and Saturday was my day and seeing as I have done most of my essays and wanted to procrastinate from the rest by doing something a little different. This is where the idea for strong ale (Guinness) pie came in, made completely from scratch with no pre made dough or stock. Here is how I did it.
         The base in the tin because it only occurred to me to write about this half way through

  First things first I made the veggie stock to be used for later, which involved using a mixture of courgette and carrot being boiled in water with fresh dill, star anise, salt and pepper for about  2 hours on a low heat. Whilst this was happening I did something I have never done before, I made pastry and was surprised at how simple it was, just mixing ½ tbsp of salt, 1 tsp of sugar and flour with soya butter until it looks like loads of floury brown peas then add very cold water until you get the dough for your base and top after resting in the refrigerator for half an hour. Above is a photo of the base, and as you will see later how great and flakey it looked when it was finished. I am definitely not going to be buying any pre-made pastry from now on, it is not only cheaper but so much more rewarding to make it yourself when it comes to the finished product.

                             The filling being cooked in the Guinness & various other stocks

Right now for the filling, I used soya chunks from Holland and Barrett for the meat substitute which had been marinated in salt pepper and Guinness for about an hour before I added them to a mixture of onions and garlic fried down until golden (I used soya butter to sauté the onions to add another dimension of flavour). After frying with those for about 3 minutes I added mushrooms and cooked them until they are brown, after that I added the mixture of liquid and already cooked potato till it was tender to the party.  In the liquid was half a can of Guinness, the pre-made vegetable stock, Fresh Dill, Rosemary, Worchester sauce and the classic salt and pepper. Let all the ingredients simmer in the stock for about 20 minutes and add the filling to the pie, cover it with the other pastry sheet, fork it round the sides (giggidy) and make two slits at the top. Use soya butter or an egg and milk to brush the top of the pie and there you go, stuff it in the oven on medium heat for about an hour and you have yourself a pie.

                                               About half an hour into the oven process

I made a side of roasted vegetables which included carrots, peppers, courgettes and garlic with rosemary and garlic oil over the top which has to cook for about 40 minutes and accompanying gravy made out of the left over juice from the pie filling, extra garlic, red wine and flour to thicken it up.  Pour the gravy over and serve. 

     Finished Pie and Roast Veg minus Gravy because I am a tit and forgot to take a photo.

Successful first ever pie. Expect more weird and wonderful variations over the next few months, as well as a foodie thing every week or so. I may have to do a post about this spicy pear Bulmers sauce the Ji man made today as it was extraordinary, recipe written down and memorised already.

Jay Veg Stock Ingredients            
Fresh Dill                                      
Star Anise                                                       

Plain Flour (About three cup and a half cups?)
Half a tub of Soy Butter
Very Cold Water

Jay Veg Stock
Worcester Sauce
Salt Pepper
Marinated Soya Chunks

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Milo - Things That Happen at Day/Night - Double EP Review

  January 1st marked the arrival of the New Year, hangovers and resolutions but more importantly the double EP release of Things That Happen at Day and Things That Happen at Night was unleashed on the world via Busdriver’s label Hellfyre Club. TTHAD/N is the brainchild of Rory Ferreria, a twenty year old philosophy student from Green Bay who moonlights as nerdy hip hop sensation Milo, and this new selection of tracks marks his third and fourth release after the critically claimed mixtapes I wish my brother Rob was here and Milo takes Baths.  Milo is known for his rather unorthodox rapping style with his flow seeming more like spoken word monologue rather than a verse and his unusual content with references to gaming, top secret nerdy forums and large heaps of nerd culture aplenty. Being the opposite of most modern rap music usually obsessed with self-promotion and ego only helps to make Milo’s work that much more intriguing and allows it to seem very personal. A listen through a Milo record sometimes feels like a journey through the man’s mind, as if we have an exclusive look into his close kept diary.

   TTHAD/N is a showcase of how Milo has progressed as an artist and as a person with the whole feel of the two EPs being that of a growing maturity whilst still maintaining what made him unique in the first place. The first EP Things That Happen at Day is a perfect example of this, with the first song Sweet Chin Music being full of old school wrestling references (which as a pro wrasslin’ nerd myself, could not have been met with more jubilation and excitement) whilst Almond Milk Paradise featuring Safari Al shows a much more introverted and serious side to this growing character we are presented with. Milo has said on his Tumblr that the idea was to show the two different mind sets we have during the day and night, which is evident with the second EP Things That Happen at Night definitely having a more creepy edge, delving into topics such as self-realisation and name dropping Schopenhauer several times.

  If this is what 2013 has in store for us then we are really in line for a treat, this is a fantastic record showcasing the growth of one of the most fascinating acts in modern music. I already can’t wait for what comes next.


Listen to the record here-
Old stuff here -
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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

My Most Anticipated Albums of 2013

                                           My Bloody Valentine – TBA

 Alternative Rock and Shoegaze pioneers My Bloody Valentine have announced the release of the first album in twelve years since 1991’s revered Loveless. Will MBV produce an album as breath taking as the earlier efforts or be another case of a classic band returning and flopping on record? Only time will tell but whatever the outcome this will be one of the most interesting releases of 2013 and with no date or name being revealed as of yet the excitement and pressure will only build with time. Shields  Butcher, Googe and Colm have recently sold out Hammersmith Apollo in 15 minutes and with a second show having to be added due to demand. This first London show in five years since Time Out named 2008’s Roundhouse display as gig of the year showing it’s safe to say MBV are going to be a name on everyone’s lips again this year.

                                                 D'angelo - James River

D’angelo is a god and if you don’t believe me check out his performance from Montreal Jazz Festival. That said even the holy fall sometimes, having spent a long time recovering  from a serious heroin addiction Michael Archer is back in 2013 with James River. Neo-soul has recently come into my musical life in a big way with DA's debut album Brown Sugar being amongst my most played of late 2012 means I am so hyped for the first proper album in thirteen years. With the legendary Questlove on drums and loads of rumoured collaborations with the likes of Kanye West and Prince this could be the moment that marks D'angelo's return to the mainstream from being one of the most influential artists in the neo-soul uprising in the 90s or at least here is me hoping.

                                   Cloud Nothings - TBA

So last year’s Attack on Memory was one of the best albums of 2012, No question. It coming out that we get another outing from Cleveland indie grunge band Cloud Nothings only promises good things for me. Lead singer Dylan Baldi has said the fourth outing from the band will be less straightforward, less melodic and more noisey meaning we may get to see a more aggressive side to the band which has been glimpsed at during sections of songs such as the end of Wasted Days. This one is an album which could sneak up on many people and take them by surprise, I for one can’t wait.

                                Deafheaven - Sunbather

Deafheaven have announced that 2013 marks the release of Sunbather the bands follow up to 2011’s Roads to Judah. For those that don’t know Deafheaven are an atmospheric black metal band signed to Jacob Bannon’s Deathwish record label headed by original members George Clarke and Kerry McCoy who come from San Francisco. 2012 was a big year for the band with tours with the likes of Russian Circles, Godflesh and Alcest but expect this year to be the year that DFHVN really come into their own, with the record apparently having less emphasis on black metal and more on other influences this could be one of the most bizarre but compelling records out this year.

                                                         ????? - ?????

   Although all the albums above are both are interesting as always the album I am most looking forward to this year is the one that comes out of no where and blows my mind from a band or an individual that I don't even know about yet. Who is going to 2013's version of Pile, whose album Dripping was just extraordinary. Here is to an interesting year of new discoveries and great music, bring on 2013