Thursday, 10 January 2013

Milo - Things That Happen at Day/Night - Double EP Review

  January 1st marked the arrival of the New Year, hangovers and resolutions but more importantly the double EP release of Things That Happen at Day and Things That Happen at Night was unleashed on the world via Busdriver’s label Hellfyre Club. TTHAD/N is the brainchild of Rory Ferreria, a twenty year old philosophy student from Green Bay who moonlights as nerdy hip hop sensation Milo, and this new selection of tracks marks his third and fourth release after the critically claimed mixtapes I wish my brother Rob was here and Milo takes Baths.  Milo is known for his rather unorthodox rapping style with his flow seeming more like spoken word monologue rather than a verse and his unusual content with references to gaming, top secret nerdy forums and large heaps of nerd culture aplenty. Being the opposite of most modern rap music usually obsessed with self-promotion and ego only helps to make Milo’s work that much more intriguing and allows it to seem very personal. A listen through a Milo record sometimes feels like a journey through the man’s mind, as if we have an exclusive look into his close kept diary.

   TTHAD/N is a showcase of how Milo has progressed as an artist and as a person with the whole feel of the two EPs being that of a growing maturity whilst still maintaining what made him unique in the first place. The first EP Things That Happen at Day is a perfect example of this, with the first song Sweet Chin Music being full of old school wrestling references (which as a pro wrasslin’ nerd myself, could not have been met with more jubilation and excitement) whilst Almond Milk Paradise featuring Safari Al shows a much more introverted and serious side to this growing character we are presented with. Milo has said on his Tumblr that the idea was to show the two different mind sets we have during the day and night, which is evident with the second EP Things That Happen at Night definitely having a more creepy edge, delving into topics such as self-realisation and name dropping Schopenhauer several times.

  If this is what 2013 has in store for us then we are really in line for a treat, this is a fantastic record showcasing the growth of one of the most fascinating acts in modern music. I already can’t wait for what comes next.


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